Pest control in Breakfast Point

Pest Control in Breakfast Point

Breakfast Point is a peaceful waterfront suburb in Sydney’s Inner West, with carefully clipped lawns, meticulous landscaping and seemingly perfectly maintained buildings. The foreshore area is great for a morning run or evening walk. Silkstone Park – the community gem used by residents and visitors alike – is perfectly manicured, like the rest of the suburb.

Breakfast Point is a serene enclave just up the road from bustling Concord and adjacent to Mortlake and Cabarita.

But it is not all serenity, sunshine and roses. Breakfast Point is vulnerable to pest infestations – just like any other area in Sydney.

Prevention of common pests in the Inner West

From spiders and cockroaches to rodents, no-one wants these critters around. And if you’re a homeowner, it’s important to learn how to prevent these unwanted guests before they become a big problem.

The German cockroach, most commonly found in kitchens, is very successful in establishing itself in residential and commercial properties due to their small size and high reproduction rate. They are attracted to food and water, so make sure to clean up any spills and keep your counters and floors clean.

Check your doors and windows for gaps or cracks. Spiders can enter your home through even the smallest openings, so it’s important to seal up any cracks or gaps you find. You could even go as far as installing a door sweep on your exterior doors, and screens on your windows.

Keep your home clean. This may seem like common sense but it’s important to remember that pests are drawn to grubby areas where they can find food and shelter. Make sure to sweep and mop, and take out your rubbish regularly.

What to do if you see a German cockroach

If you have seen German cockroaches around your home, you will not be able to remove them without a professional pest treatment.

A small species, the German cockroach typically grows to about 1.1 cm–1.6 cm long, and its colour varies from a reddish tan to dark brown. The German cockroach is regarded as the most difficult species to remove once they have established themselves.

These cockroaches prefer small, confined spaces and they are not social insects, meaning that there is no central colony. They also feed primarily on the excretions and moults from the adult cockroaches, so they can remain hidden in isolated pockets until they reach sexual maturity and begin their breeding cycle again.

What can Precision Pest Control do for you?

At Precision Pest Control, we take great pride in our effective and safe pest management for both residential properties and commercial properties.

Our pest technicians have extensive knowledge of pests in Breakfast Point, Concord and around Sydney’s Inner West, and what attracts them. This means you’ll be dealing with trained experts who can help you identify problem areas and take steps to prevent future infestations. And if an infestation does occur, they can provide rapid treatment so you can get back to living pest-free as soon as possible.

Pests such as spiders, cockroaches, rats, wasps, termites and ants can easily find their way into the nooks and crannies of your home or business. Addressing an infestation quickly and correctly may be the difference between a minor nuisance in your home and an extensive eradication project.

Precision Pest Control offers fast, reliable and friendly services, using the latest technology and best practices in the industry, which means we can get the job done quickly and without causing any damage to your property. It means you can rest assured knowing that your pests will be gone in no time.

Final tips for a pest-free home

Following basic guidelines such as keeping food sealed, disposing of garbage properly and sealing off entry points are the first steps in managing pests before they become an issue. This can help you avoid serious problems by preventing these unwelcome guests from taking up residence in your home or business in the first place.

If you do find yourself dealing with pests, don’t hesitate to call in the Breakfast Point pest professionals: Precision Pest Control. A little bit of help now can save you a lot of headaches – and money – later.

If you have any specific concerns or questions about pests in your home, call us today and let Precision Pest Control keep your home as pristine as Breakfast Point itself.

To find out how we can solve your pest problem contact us on 1300 655 524.

Why choose Precision Pest Control?

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