Precision Biosecurity Services

Precision Biosecurity Services and Precision Pest Control have been providing chemical-free heat treatments to Australian Biosecurity standards since 2010 (the first company in Australia to carry out Heat Treatments to Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment [DAWE]) and have expanded our operations to include, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Singapore.

Our fully licensed brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) treatments are completed as part of a Class 4.7 Secure Unpack Approved Arrangement. This allows for both the secure chamber and attached containers to be treated significantly faster than with the traditional methyl bromide treatment method (hours as opposed to days). 

We are currently conducting BMSB heat treatments in all of the above locations as well as general heat treatments to breakbulk cargo – typically for furniture, household items and even the occasional boat.

Precision Pest / Biosecurity Services are fully licensed to Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment for Class 12.3 BMSB Heat Treatments here in Australia and also overseas (Singapore).

Our proprietary heat treatment process is significantly faster than either methyl bromide or sulfuryl fluoride treatments, which means containers are released from quarantine hold in a matter of hours as opposed to days. 

Our treatment process is 100% chemical-free and is suitable for a very wide range of goods, from furniture, bikes and garden tools, to electrical items and white goods. In fact there’s almost nothing we can’t heat treat safely (all container sizes, all FAK).​

Please call to discuss any aspect of our heat treatment process and to find out if it is suitable for your situation.

Treatment locations

As noted above, we are currently carrying out BMSB and general heat treatments in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Singapore. And will soon be carrying out treatments in Melbourne and Fremantle.

Our Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment licence, N3213, is for Class 12.3 mobile heat treatments. We can carry out heat treatments at any Australian site that is Class 4.1 approved (Heat Treatment Approved) or Class 4.7 (Secure Unpack).

For further information on meeting the requirements for a Class 4.1 or Class 4.7 please contact our good friend, Andrew Christie, at Andrew Christie Consulting,

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