Rodent control

Why do I need rodent control?

Rodent control can be a particularly concerning pest control issue as rodents are notorious for spreading illness and contaminating food sources. Whether you are a home or business owner, rodents can be terribly damaging not only to your business reputation but also to the physical structure of your property. Due to their gnawing habits, rodents will chew on anything they come into contact with. This includes electrical wiring and structural fixtures such as walls or beams.

How do I know if I have a rodent problem?

There are a number of different signs that indicate you may have a rodent infestation in your home or business. However, the main signs to keep an eye out for are:

  • Scratching noises at night-time – whether they are in your roof void or underneath your floorboards, rodents can often be heard moving around at night or scratching around as they search for food.
  • Rodent droppings – these look like grains of dark brown rice (smaller than rice for mice, larger than rice for rats) and often appear in groups or scattered around the same area.
  • Rub marks or a distinctive aroma – rats and mice have poor eyesight so often use the same routes to navigate your home or business. This results in the rodents rubbing up against the skirting boards or walls and leaving behind smudges of grease and dirt from their bodies.
  • Structural damage to walls or wiring – rats and mice have teeth that continuously grow from the day they are born, and the only way to keep them from growing too long is to gnaw on various materials to help keep that growth in check. This can be dangerous, especially when they chew through electrical wiring that is a fire hazard.
  • Nests or burrows – rats are well-documented burrowers and nest-builders and usually construct intricate nests to store their food and use as shelter. The best places to look for rat and mice burrows are in compost heaps, in garages, under decks, in wood piles or in garden sheds.

It is widely accepted that if you see one rodent, there are most likely many more hidden away in the cracks and crevices of your property.

Rodents are highly intelligent and sociable animals with a very short gestation period, meaning that they can very quickly multiply until a small family of rats or mice invading your home can turn into a full-blown infestation in only a few weeks.

How can I prevent a rodent infestation?

There are a number of different preventative measures you can take to reduce the chances of a rodent infestation:

  • Seal up gaps between the doors and the roof/floor on all entryways. Rats and mice often squeeze under doors to enter a home or gnaw through the gap to widen it.
  • Seal up gaps and cracks in exterior walls. These can often be used by rats to enter your home so it’s a good idea to either fill them with sealant or get a wire mesh/steel covering to prevent entry, especially around utility cables or pipes.
  • Seal up gaps and cracks in the roof. These can also be used for rats and mice to gain access to the roof voids.
  • Remove any clutter from around your home as it can make an attractive nesting place for rodents.

Restaurants and rodent damage

As we noted in our Commercial Pest Control pages, pests of any kind are a real problem for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Residential homes can often exist alongside restaurants or at least in the same or adjacent streets, so control of rodents anywhere is crucial as rodents do not distinguish between types of building.

Reputation is so important for hospitality, so controlling a rodent outbreak is crucial to maintaining a strong business. Precision Pest Control is not only expert at controlling pests of any sort but also expert in discretion. We fully understand the delicacy of dealing with any pests in a restaurant, so we offer a solution to prevent any damage to your reputation. We operate in the most discrete and effective way to rid your premises as quickly as possible of rodents.

What can Precision Pest Control do to solve my rodent problem?

Our experienced team of pest professionals at Precision Pest Control has developed an in-depth knowledge of the habits of rodents and methods of treatment used in rodent control, and we use only the most effective and environmentally friendly forms of treatment:

  1. A Precision Pest Control professional will inspect your home to assess the extent of the problem and identify the pest, immediately reporting back to you about the severity of the infestation.
  2. We will then recommend a treatment plan tailored specifically to your home, taking into account the nature and severity of your rodent control issue.
  3. The recommended treatment will be carried out by our highly experienced pest professionals, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  4. The Precision Pest Control professional who carried out the treatment will then compile a fully comprehensive report adhering to the Australian Standards, which will be explained to you under our pest control warranty.

Call Precision Pest Control on 1300 655 524 for more information about how we can provide fast and effective rodent control.

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