Ant control

Ant control in your home is highly important due to the fact that ants can form colonies that range from a few dozen individuals living quietly in a crack in a wall, to huge populations consisting of millions of individuals all searching avidly for food and water to feed the colony.

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How do I know if I have an ant infestation?

There are a number of different signs that indicate you may have an ant problem in your home; however, the three main indicators are:

  • Finding live ants around the food storage and preparation areas.
  • Finding lines of ants leading in or out of your home.
  • Finding an ant nest in or around your home, which can often appear to be nothing more than a small pile of dirt.

Ants often make their nests outside. However, they can just as easily create their nests indoors, often in a quiet area or in the walls where they have easy access to food and water.

Why do I need ant control?

The trouble with ant colonies begins as soon as one or two of the individuals find their way into your pantry or discover a source of food in your home, as they will form pathways to the food source allowing hundreds of other ants to access the area. 

Precision pest ant infestation control

This can be a problem, as there can be numerous ants in amongst your food storage area and in your food, but they can also lay down pheromone trails that can be followed by other species of insect, leading them into your home.

Due to their collective mentality and complex chemical communication system, ants can move thousands of individuals into your home in one big migration, so what began as a couple of ants in the cupboard can turn into an infestation in a matter of days.

Ants are notorious for:

  • Defending the colony against all threats, including you or other members of your family. Some ant species can deliver a painful bite.
  • Infesting the areas of your home involved in food preparation, contaminating food sources.
  • Leaving chemical trails leading to your home that other insects and bugs can find and follow.
  • Being a constant source of irritation as they spread through different areas of your home in search of food and water.
  • Establishing large colonies (depending on the species) in or around your home.

Can I control my ant problem without professional help?

It is recommended that if there are more than just a couple of stray ants roaming around your food preparation areas, you may need a professional ant treatment, or at the very least need a pest control professional to perform an inspection of your home.


Ant treatment products like insect spray or insect traps may remove the immediate problem, but for any degree of long-term control to treat the problem at its source you will need to contact a pest control professional to treat your home.

How can I prevent an ant infestation?

There are a number of products that can be purchased at your local store to help prevent ants from entering your home. However, the most effective methods are those relating to general cleanliness, such as:

  • Clean up any food or liquid spills immediately.
  • Regularly sweep floors and wipe down food preparation surfaces.
  • Store food in airtight containers when possible.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices around windows and doors to block entry by ants.
  • Place rubbish and compost storage far away from your living areas.
  • Don’t leave pet food lying around after your pet has finished eating.

Follow these simple tips and you may save yourself the hassle of an ant infestation. These are great tips also for preventing cockroaches.

How can Precision Pest Control solve my ant problem?

Our experienced team of professionals at Precision Pest Control has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the habits and different species of ant, as well as the methods of treatment used in ant control, and we use only the most effective and environmentally friendly forms of treatment. Our ant control treatment plan consists of:

  1. A professional inspection, carried out to assess the extent of the problem and identify the species of ant, immediately reporting back to you about the severity of the infestation.
  2. treatment plan recommendation tailored specifically to your home, taking into account the species of ant and the extent of the ant control issue. Treatments vary depending on the species of ant.
  3. The recommended treatment will be carried out by one of our highly experienced pest professionals, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  4. The Precision Pest Control professional who carried out the treatment will then compile a fully comprehensive report adhering to the Australian Standards, which will be explained to you under our pest control warranty.

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