Pest control for offices

Large and small offices alike are at risk of pest problems. Kitchens provide food and water for all types of pests. The large foot traffic and close connected offices in large buildings mean you have little control over whether or not you get a pest problem. Warm temperatures, favourable humidity levels and cosy electrical equipment make it convenient for them to live and breed.

Cockroaches, spiders and rodents especially love the dark storage areas. They trail in with packages and boxes that reside in offices. Most people don’t realise just how easily offices quickly become breeding grounds for undiscovered pests. Termites have also been known to attack office buildings, particularly in outer suburbs. This is why being monitored and protected is so important.

You also want to ensure that pests in your offices don’t trail into your potential customers’ offices. You have a reputation at stake. Imagine the embarrassment of rodents ending up in the boardroom or cockroaches sighted in the kitchen when a guest, potential client or potential employee gets water or a coffee.

Just as offices need daily cleaning and professional cleaning services, they also need regular pest inspections. Irregular maintenance will lead to a pest problem. Pest problems will have an impact on your reputation as well as staff comfort.

How do I get rid of pests in my office space?

Contact Precision Pest Control for corporate pest management that is professional and reliable. Our comprehensive pest control methods will help keep your office building pest-free. We can talk you through an integrated pest management plan tailored to suit your situation.

Where do pests hide in the office?

Due to food, water and shelter, a pest problem is most at risk in these areas:

  • washroom
  • kitchen
  • electrical or facilities room
  • inside the structure of the building.

What kind of pest infestations are common in offices?

  • Cockroaches are a big problem due to food in kitchens.
  • Bed bug infestations in the home or when travelling can become bed bug problems in the office. They can travel on clothes, handbags etc.
  • Birds, especially pigeons, in outside areas can be a big problem.
  • Rodents, during winter, can cause damage to cables and electrical wiring.
  • Termites can also be a huge problem due to the large paper supply.
  • Spiders are natural enemies to humans and can cause a big interruption in workflow.

Contact Precision Pest Control

Our pest control services are environmentally friendly, discreet and professional. We have been providing pest control solutions for a variety of commercial pest control needs for more than 30 years. For the best pest management for your office, contact Precision Pest Control.

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