Pest Control in Gosford

The best Gosford cockroach pest control methods

Gosford is a bustling regional centre on Brisbane Water, famous for being the busy hub of the Central Coast. Brisbane Water is justifiably popular for boating and fishing as well as delightful walks in the surrounding bush.

But there’s so much more around the Gosford area. There’s plentiful shopping, a buzzing craft beer scene, artistic discoveries and an array of food experiences. There’s even a reptile park. Gosford has all the creature comforts you need for a getaway on the Central Coast of NSW.

However, for residents of Gosford, some creatures are not as comforting. If you are a Gosford resident and find cockroaches in your home, it’s important to act quickly and call us to get any cockroach infestation under control.

How can you get rid of cockroaches in Gosford?

Cockroach control in Gosford and on the Central Coast is imperative as these pests are notorious for:

  • Spreading illnesses and disease.
  • Contaminating food storage with their faeces and secretions.
  • Feeding on any organic matter including substances like glue and the adhesive used to bind books.
  • Causing severe respiratory reactions due to their airborne skin particles that are particularly harmful to those suffering from asthma or bronchial ailments.

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Prevention is better than a cure

At the first sign of cockroaches, you should act quickly to get rid of them. Failing to do so will often make the problem worse.

One of your best defences, apart from calling Precision Pest Control on the Central Coast, is to eliminate their food, water and shelter by keeping a clean environment.

Keeping counters, floors, stovetops, tables and other surfaces clean and crumb-free is key to eliminating a cockroach’s food source:

  • Wipe down all surfaces after every use.
  • Never leave food out overnight and even during the day if you can help it as the food only attracts cockroaches.
  • Take out garbage – often; having a smaller bin always helps to make this a habit.
  • Leaving dishes in the sink ‘to soak’ overnight is a common mistake, as well as leaving pet food and water bowls out overnight.

Cockroaches love even the tiniest of crumbs, so whilst you may see your home as clean, the cockroaches see tiny crumbs as a free buffet.

Did you know: one breadcrumb can keep 10,000 cockroaches fed for a week.

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Found cockroaches in your Gosford home?

  1. A Precision Pest Control professional will inspect your home to assess the extent of the problem and identify the pest, immediately reporting back to you about the severity of the infestation.
  2. We will then recommend a treatment plan tailored specifically to your home, taking into account the nature and severity of your cockroach control issue.

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Why choose Precision Pest Control?

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