Important steps to prevent cockroaches

Cockroaches can become a big problem very quickly. The best defence for preventing cockroaches is never to have any in your home in the first place. The second-best defence is to eliminate their food, water and shelter.

At the first sign of cockroaches, you should act quickly to get rid of them. Failing to do so will often make the problem worse. Remember, if you can see one or two cockroaches then there are usually hundreds hiding where you can’t see them.

By calling in a professional pest controller, you give yourself the best chance of success with cockroaches – before you end up with a big problem that takes more time and money to gain control.

Cockroaches are resilient and strong creatures for their small size. Like most pests, if you are providing them with food, water and shelter, they have no reason to leave and will set up their home in your home – and thrive. One breadcrumb can keep 10,000 cockroaches fed for a week.

Both the smaller German cockroach and the larger American cockroach can be hard to control and eliminate. They live in areas of your home such as your kitchen or bathroom, carrying diseases and causing unsightly problems. To help you get started on either preventing cockroach infestations or controlling roaches we have included some handy tips.

Keeping a clean environment

Keeping counters, floors, stovetops, tables and other surfaces clean and crumb-free is key to eliminating a cockroach’s food source:

  • Wipe down all surfaces after every use.
  • Never leave food out overnight and even during the day if you can help it as the food only attracts cockroaches.
  • Take out garbage – often; having a smaller bin always helps to make this a habit.
  • Leaving dishes in the sink ‘to soak’ overnight is a very common mistake, as well as leaving pet food and water bowls out overnight.

Cockroaches love even the tiniest of crumbs, so whilst you may see your home as clean, the cockroaches see tiny crumbs as a free buffet.

Limit where you are allowed to eat 

Only allow eating in one room – it makes it easier to clean up and limits the spread of crumbs and spills that you may not notice but cockroaches will.

Storing food

Store all food in sealed, airtight containers. This includes your cereal and other packaged or boxed foods. Roaches love to fit inside these. Don’t forget the pet food too.

Vacuuming regularly

Vacuuming regularly in the kitchen or where food is prepared and consumed will also help to eliminate the cockroach food supply. This will also get rid of cockroach faeces and egg sacs and body parts, which actually attract more roaches into your home.

Don’t let the cockroaches get inside your home

Inspect your home regularly to find entry points where the cockroaches may be able to get in. Cockroaches can fit through the smallest cracks and crevices. It is important to seal up gaps in windows and doors, to make it more difficult for roaches to get inside your home.

Ask our technicians for advice in this area as they are experts in cockroach access points.

Cockroaches can travel into your home with you. When you bring in boxes and bags of shopping, they are often hitching a ride. Inspect everything before you bring a foreign object in. Better still, take things out of boxes before you take them into your home.

Keep a clutter-free outdoor area

Try not to keep firewood or council pick-up furniture near to your house. The idea is not to leave shelter too close to your home where cockroaches (and other pests like ants or rodents) may enter.

Keep mulch away from your house. This will create a dry zone where roaches will not travel or will be discouraged to travel through.

Eliminate water sources

Of course, this is no easy thing to do. Eliminating ALL water sources is hard but even limiting sources will cause an effect on your roach infestation and prevent new infestations from entering your home. Again, this is good practice for preventing other pests as well, such as termites, ants and rodents.

Fixing leaky taps and pipes is the number one step to eliminating all water sources. 

Place any wet dish cloths/rags or sponges in airtight storage or in the washing machine. Don’t leave pet water dishes out overnight. Cockroaches are also known to live in the bathroom so don’t underestimate your toothbrush. It can act as a source of food and water for roaches.

Be aware of the appliances that cockroaches love to live in

Tight cracks and dark, warm places – cockroach home! Placing tape over holes in appliances can cover the entry points. Think inside computers, telephones, alarm clocks etc., being careful not to cover over cooling vents of any machine.

Whether your problem pest is American cockroaches or German cockroaches, a small issue can quickly lead to a big infestation. If you are trying to get rid of roach infestations in your home or business, contact us for professional pest control services.

Signs of cockroaches? – call us!

If you have any suspicion at all that you might have a cockroach problem, please contact Precision Pest Control as soon as you can. Don’t let the issue get out of hand. Your health could be at risk. Our experienced pest control operators are waiting to help.