Bird control

Why do I need bird control?

Birds are notorious scavengers that can cause the spread of diseases and illness. There are many bird species within the areas we operate – the Sydney region, Canberra, Newcastle and the Central Coast of NSW, as well as the Sunshine Coast down to Brisbane in Queensland – that have adapted well to urban environments and therefore have become pests for households. Your Precision Pest Control operator has local knowledge of the birds in your area.

Excessive birdlife can be dangerous for families and young children or pets due to their aggressive and territorial behaviour. Excessive swooping often occurs from birds who have nests or are feeling threatened.

Bird droppings contain bacteria and pathogenic fungi that can pass on serious health issues to humans and pets. Birds are common carriers of diseases including histoplasmosis (a respiratory illness) and salmonella. Their droppings also contain a chemical, uric acid, which is highly corrosive and can damage the finish on cars as well as strip paint off walls.

The increasing uptake of solar panels in Australia has also seen a rise in numbers of calls for our experienced operators at Precision Pest Control to remove bird nests from under these installations.

Three ways to stop birds damaging your property

Why do I need a bird inspection?

Birds can gain access to your house through damaged roofs, walls or open entry points. They are known to cause serious damage through:

  • Structural damage to roofs.
  • Blocking gutters.
  • Building nests that cause health and building issues.
  • Building damaging nests under solar panels.
  • Leaving droppings that can cause corrosive damage.

Due to their highly territorial nature, it is important to remove these pests from inside or around your home as soon as they take up residence to avoid structural damage and ensure the health and safety of your family.

What can Precision Pest Control do to solve my bird problem?

At Precision Pest Control we have an experienced team of pest professionals who have developed in-depth knowledge of the nesting habits and typical behaviours of local pest bird species. We are also highly experienced in effective methods of treatment in bird control using only the most environmentally friendly forms of treatment.

We use a three-step plan to rid your property of birds and protect your home in the future from these pests:

Step 1 – Inspect and plan

We inspect your property to assess the extent of the problem and identify the types of birds present. It is highly important to first identify the bird species; we understand that each bird is different and that the treatment plans will differ according to what will be the most effective method to rid your home of these pests. We immediately report back to you about the severity of the pest and recommend a tailored treatment plan that best suits you.

Step 2 – Perform the treatment

The recommended treatment plan will then be carried out by one of our highly experienced bird control professionals, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Step 3 – Follow up and report

We perform a thorough follow-up analysis to ensure we have successfully eliminated your pest problem. Precision Pest Control will then prepare a fully comprehensive report adhering to the Australian Standards, which will be explained to you under our pest control warranty.

Call Precision Pest Control on 1300 655 524 for more information about how we can provide fast and effective bird control.

Need proof?

We recently completed our largest bird proofing job at the new Westmead Hospital in NSW, which involved more than 4000 metres of bird spikes, bird wire, mesh and gutter protection. Read about our experience here.