Case study: Bird control at Westmead Hospital, NSW

Need proof of our expertise in bird control? Look no further.

Our recent operation at Westmead Hospital took us to new heights.

Bird problem

Birds are a big problem for all businesses, particularly hospitals, for a variety of reasons:

  • Birds spread diseases and ectoparasites, causing serious health threats.
  • Bird droppings are corrosive and can damage equipment, causing precious funds to be spent on repairs.
  • Nesting materials can block drains and clog gutters, causing fire or flooding.
  • The presence of roosting birds and bird droppings can present a poor image and damage even the squeakiest clean reputation.

The last thing any patient, care giver, visitor or health provider needs to worry about is transmissible diseases from birds!

That’s why Westmead Hospital called us to provide our expertise in bird proofing and prevent unwanted birds from hanging (or roosting or flapping) around.


The common view is that birds are not really an issue, but Westmead Hospital knew better.

Westmead Hospital is the principal referral hospital for western Sydney, and together with its partners is one of the largest health, education, research and training precincts in Australia.

Westmead Hospital treats thousands of patients each day and is renowned for its comprehensive, highly specialised and complex services.


In 2020, we completed our largest bird-proofing job at the new Westmead Hospital. This operation involved more than 4000 metres of bird spikes, bird wire, mesh and gutter protection.

All work was carried out at heights ranging from 5 to 50 metres above the ground. This extensive job involved cherry pickers, abseiling and a variety of bird control methods, to ensure we got the best results for our client.

Don’t try this at home! If you have a bird problem, call Precision Pest Control on 1300 655 524. There’s no problem too big or too small for Precision Pest Control.

Where there’s a pest problem, we’ll find a solution.

How can Precision Pest Control help with bird control?

At Precision Pest Control, we have a dedicated team of experienced pest professionals who have extensive knowledge of the nesting habits and typical behaviours of pest bird species local to your area. We are also highly experienced in effective methods of treatment in bird control, using only the most environmentally friendly and ethical forms of treatment.

We use a three-step plan to rid your business of birds and protect your property in the future from these pests:

Step 1 – Inspect and plan

We inspect your property to assess the extent of the problem. We immediately report back to you about the severity of the pest and recommend a tailored treatment plan that best suits you.

Step 2 – Perform the treatment

The recommended treatment plan will then be carried out by one of our highly experienced bird control professionals, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Some of our effective bird control methods include:

  • bird spikes
  • bird netting
  • bird removal
  • bird trapping
  • bird control agents
  • bird wire
  • bird deterrents
  • bird slopes
  • bird tracks
  • bird proofing.

Step 3 – Follow up and report

We perform a thorough follow-up analysis to ensure we have successfully eliminated your pest problem. Precision Pest Control will then prepare a fully comprehensive report adhering to the Australian Standards, which will be explained to you under our pest control warranty.

Invest now and bird-proof your future.

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