Pest control for strata and property managers

Precision Pest Control understands that both strata managers and property managers require reliable, effective and regular pest control. We work with you to ensure that all the properties you manage are pest-free. We like to think that with us, you can set and forget.

Keeping your tenants and property owners happy is important to you. Keeping you happy is important to us.

As a company with 30 years of experience and proven success, we are a pest control company you can trust.

We are focused on quality and precision. All of our trained and experienced pest control technicians are totally professional and have great attention to detail.

Our technicians are fully licensed and insured. We follow strict OH&S protocols and use eco-friendly, child-safe and pet-safe chemicals. You can read all about our accreditations here and our chemicals here.

Need to keep the properties you manage pest-free?

Pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage to real estate properties every year. Typical pest problems in strata-managed properties include mice and rat infestations, birds, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, flies and termites – all of which we are experienced and highly skilled at controlling.

The best way to avoid these pests occurring at your properties and becoming a problem is for regular pest management. When pest management is not administered in common areas, larger pest problems in individual units can become a problem, leading to:

  • Tenant complaints, which can lead to rent reductions or termination of contracts.
  • Compensation claims.
  • Increased pest control costs because of no regular pest management.
  • Ruined reputation as property managers or strata managers.
  • Costs for repairs and maintenance.
  • Constant vacancies or difficulties getting tenants.

How we manage strata pest problems

Strata managed properties require regular inspections and treatments. General cleanliness and pest management in units and apartments in close proximity can have flow-on effects. As we noted earlier, one unit with bad hygiene practices can lead to other units having problems, which of course leads to complaints from occupants. This is of special concern if pests are sighted in common areas. By treating common areas, you lessen the effect of pests in occupied units.

As part of our services, we send out a notice to residents before treatment commences. We also place a notice on the community board in the foyer or communal notice area. We leave details stating our methodology, chemicals used and so on. This will leave your occupants with clear knowledge of what to expect.

We leave our contact details and the details of where we treat, so if your clients have questions, we can help them. On top of this we also offer residents special deals and the opportunity to have their personal space treated at a discount price. This leads to a substantial saving for occupants and keeps your clients happy. The flow-on effect, of course, is fewer pests spreading from an infested unit into common areas or other units.

Our professionalism is always at the forefront of our pest control services, with attention to detail also a major focus. Our great reputation in pest control will only help your reputation in strata management.

When you engage the services of Precision Pest Control you have invested in peace of mind. Quality pest maintenance is not something that can be overlooked. Strata complexes tend to be large jobs that require skill, knowledge and experience – and care, all of which we have, as well as immense pride in our work for you and your occupants.

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What are tenants and homeowners responsible for when it comes to pest control?

Problems with pests and vermin are not entirely the responsibility of body corporates, strata managers, property managers or pest managers. The tenants and occupants also have a responsibility.

Pest infestations can be caused by a lack of cleanliness or leaving a pest problem for too long without treatment. This is why we offer individual pest control services at a discount to tenants and property owners if we have been commissioned to take care of the common areas.

Pests that are a problem for tenants at the beginning of their lease are the landlord’s responsibility. However, if the pests are a result of the tenants’ occupancy, the tenants themselves are responsible for exterminating the problem.

The problem with one individual unit having a pest problem is that it can potentially lead to an infestation within units close by and if left further unchecked, in the whole building. As we noted just above, we offer residents special deals and discounts for their unit when we treat common areas, so the flow-on effect is fewer pests spreading from an infested unit into common areas or other units. It is important to lay out the rules and guidelines of pest management when dealing with tenants and property owners.

What are body corporates, strata managers and property managers responsible for when it comes to pest control?

The issue of pest management is a big grey area for unit blocks because there are no clear rules or guidelines and the cause of pests is subject to interpretation.

We like to suggest that body corporates, strata managers and property managers are responsible for the common areas. By ensuring that regular inspections and treatments occur in places like courtyards, stairwells, foyers and so on, you are doing your part to keep the property clean and habitable.

Need to keep the properties you manage pest-free?

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