Pest control in Buderim

Pest control services in Buderim

Safe, discreet and efficient pest control in Buderim

Buderim is a peaceful place to live, in a great location, close to schools and shops, whilst not far from the beach and the city.

The biggest concern for most of our clients in Buderim is safety. This is why they choose us! At Precision Pest Control we only ever use safe chemicals to treat your pest situation. We use eco-friendly pest control solutions that are safe for your pets, kids and family.

We are also efficient, ensuring the job gets done right the first time and in a timely manner.

We use the IPM method – Integrated Pest Control Management. The IPM method is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests and their damage through a combination of techniques such as biological control, habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices, and use of resistant varieties.

Rest assured we do not use harmful chemicals that may pose a threat to your health or the flora and fauna in and around your property.

For over 30 years we have been the number one, most trusted pest controllers in Buderim for both residential and commercial. You will be able to see why in our quality service we deliver. 

We are well respected, with a strong reputation in the Buderim area. We would be happy to help you with your pest control or termite control needs.

We are the leading experts in eliminating termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, bed bugs, rats and mice, birds, wasps and bees, flies and possums.

Ant infestation Buderim

We are fully qualified in the installation of Kordon Termite Barrier and our services are of the highest quality.

Unsure if we service your area? Send us an email or give us a call.

Our pest control services can take care of:

  •  termites
  •  ants
  •  cockroaches
  •  spiders
  •  fleas
  •  bed bugs
  •  rodents
  •  birds
  •  bees
  •  wasps
  •  flies and
  •  possums.

What our 30+ years of experience says about us

It isn’t easy choosing the right pest control company. With so many promises out there, how do you know the best company to choose? A good way to start is with the one that has been around for 30 years. Precision Pest Control must be doing something right.

Our experience in the pest control industry has allowed us to see new technology and products become available as well as new treatment methods evolve. Keeping our licensing and learning up to date and always employing the best technicians means we are using the best practice pest control on your property.

Our technicians can help with end-of-lease pest control, pre-purchase pest control and even termite barriers on pre-construction/new-build houses.

We specialise in both residential and commercial pest control.

Commercial pest control in Buderim, Sunshine Coast

Precision Pest Control works with many commercial businesses including offices, restaurants, schools, councils and council buildings and more. As Buderim is filled with great restaurants and many interesting shops and fashion stores, and lots of local interests, there are many events and activities to fill the days and weekends.

Keep those customers of yours happy and worry-free of pests.

Termites are not a costly situation your business needs. Regular pest management and termite inspections are not only requirements but also smart business decisions.

Our pest technicians have been performing large-scale pest and termite extermination for years for small, medium and large businesses. There is no problem we can’t tackle. Give us a call if you have pest problems you need taken care of.

Termite control in Buderim

One of the most feared lines a homeowner dreads hearing from a pest technician is … You’ve Got Termites!

If you suspect termites around your property or even in your neighbourhood, get in touch. Termites are not to be shrugged off. Termites can be a very costly disaster.

We are qualified to treat and eliminate termites. We start with a termite inspection so we can determine the best way to handle your situation and the extent of the issue. We then start the process of controlling the termites and eliminating them from your property for good.

Why choose Precision Pest Control?

  • Safe pest and termite control – for your family, pet/s and the environment.
  • Precision and attention to detail.
  • Fast, simple and affordable.
  • Reliable service – rest assured knowing the job will get done the first time.
  • Excellent customer service – every time.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • On-time service.
  • No smell, no mess!
  • Fully trained and insured technicians.
  • Eco-friendly professional chemicals.
  • AQIS approved fumigation specialist services.
  • Effective control of termites and other pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas and rodents.
  • More than 30 years of experience in pest control.
  • Pre-construction termite protection services for the building industry.
  • Kordon-approved installers.
  • Sentricon termite baiting specialists.