Termite control in Woy Woy

At Precision Pest Control, we have been practising termite control for more than 30 years and in that time we have come to understand that no two suburbs or regions are the same. This means that before we conduct any termite treatment in your area, it is helpful to have an understanding of the surrounding environment to assess both the potential pressure from termites and the treatment methods that will best suit your needs

Woy Woy, a town on the Central Coast of NSW, is bordered by Umina Beach, Brisbane Water National Park, Phegans Bay and Blackwall. This is an ideal environment for termites to reside and sustain large populations due to the moisture and vegetation in the area.

Precision Pest Control has performed many termite treatments in the Woy Woy area, and other nearby towns of the Central Coast region of New South Wales, located on the southern reaches of Brisbane Water, about 80 km north of Sydney. According to the 2011 Australian Census, Woy Woy had a population of about 10,100 people, covering an area of 6 km2.

Woy Woy is surrounded by: 

  • Umina Beach
  • Brisbane Water National Park
  • Phegans Bay
  • Blackwall.

Controlling termites in Woy Woy

According to insurance information, the average cost of termite damage to your home can be anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 per home or incident.

The median cost of housing in Woy Woy according to a real estate analysis is around $640,000, so a termite infestation could therefore cost you around 1.5% of the total cost of your house from damage.  

How will Precision Pest Control protect my Woy Woy home from termites?

Each home is unique and Precision Pest Control tailors each of our treatment plans to suit the needs of the homeowner and the type of property we are treating.

We apply our four-step termite control plan to any termite job, consisting of:

  1. A full termite inspection and recommended treatment plan.
  2. Elimination of termites currently attacking your home.
  3. A long-term termite protection plan.
  4. Follow-up inspection with a full report to ensure the termite problem has been eradicated.

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