Termite control in Canberra

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Termite control in Canberra

Why do I need termite control?

Termite control in Canberra is an important part of protecting your home and avoiding costly timber repairs. Termites usually enter your home via a network of underground tunnels, which often means that by the time you have discovered termites in your home they have already caused extensive structural damage. Termites can very quickly cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home so if you are interested in protecting your biggest asset, ensuring that you have taken the proper precautions to termite-proof your home is vital.

IMPORTANT: If you have found evidence of termites it is essential that you DO NOT disturb themCall us immediately and we will verify if they are termites and provide a free quotation to eradicate termites and protect your home.

Although there are around 350 termite species in Australia overall, there are several specific termite species in Canberra that are notorious for causing extensive damage to homes. These are:

  • Coptotermes acinaciformis
  • Coptotermes frenchi
  • Schedorhinotermes intermedius.

How do termites enter my home?

A survey undertaken in New South Wales discovered that one in five homes either had previously experienced active termites on the property or buildings had previously been under attack from termites.

  • Termites typically invade a home via a subterranean network of tunnels.
  • The tunnels are constructed under the ground and can extend up to 50 metres away from the termite nest.
  • If neighbouring properties are experiencing a termite problem, your home is also at risk of being attacked.
  • Termites use ‘mudding’ when travelling above ground.

Mud tunnels

Termites process soil into a type of mud and build mud tunnels because they need to maintain a stable temperature in their environment at all times. These external tunnels, however, can easily be detected by one of our experienced Precision Pest Control professionals during an annual inspection for termites.

What termite control options are available in Canberra

When it comes to treating termites in your home, there are two main forms of treatment available: termite baiting and a chemical barrier.

Termite baiting treatment

Termite baiting is the preferred method of treating termites at Precision Pest Control Canberra as it eliminates the entire termite colony, not just those termites that are currently attacking your home. It works by leaving termite bait in strategic positions around your home that the termites feed on and carry back to the nest. The termite bait eliminates the entire colony over time.

Further information on termite baiting can be found here.

Termite chemical barrier treatment

Termite chemical barrier treatment is performed in two parts:

  • Eliminate the termites currently in your home using a chemical foam or dust that is pumped into the areas where there are live termites.
  • Inject a long-life chemical barrier into the soil surrounding your home that will stop any further termites from entering your home.

Further information on termite chemical treatments can be found here.

How can Precision Pest Control solve my termite control problem?

Precision Pest Control Canberra employs a four-step plan to protect your home against termites:

Step 1 – Termite inspection

Carry out a full inspection of your property for any evidence of termites.

Step 2 – Termite treatment planning

We will work with you to select the most effective method of termite control for your property and develop a tailored treatment plan that suits your needs.

Step 3 – Long-term termite protection

We want to develop a long-term termite protection program that meets your needs and will ensure that your home receives ongoing protection from termites.

Step 4 – Follow-up termite inspection

Follow up the termite treatment and perform a full inspection to determine if the termite infestation has been eliminated.

Further information on our four-step termite control plan can be found here.

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