Termite control on the Blue Mountains

Termite control in the Blue Mountains

Termite inspections and treatments in the Blue Mountains

At Precision Pest Control we have extensive knowledge of termites. We combine 30 years of experience with termites and outstanding customer service to provide high quality and professional termite control solutions.

We provide detailed termite inspections, and safe and environmentally friendly termite treatments. Our termite solutions are extremely effective in removing termites and protecting your home from other termite colonies.

Unfortunately, the beautiful natural bushland in the Blue Mountains comes with termites – meaning homes and businesses in the Blue Mountains are declared as high risk for termite infestations. There is a higher risk if there are established gum trees within a 100-metre radius of the property.

Termites can very quickly cause thousands of dollars in damage. Although we successfully treat and remove termites, prevention is key when it comes to termite management. Termite inspections are the most important step in protecting your home from extreme structural damage. In our detailed termite inspections, we look out for all signs of termites that you may not be able to find on your own. We highly recommend having annual termite inspections, or if you suspect or even find termite activity anywhere near your property call us immediately.

If termites are found in our inspection, your Precision Pest Control termite technician will generate a unique termite treatment and protection plan designed to suit your property, and assess the severity of your termite infestation. After treatment we will conduct a post-termite treatment inspection. We will also provide instructions on how you can reduce the risk of another termite infestation.

We provide professional and effective termite control to:

  • Mt Wilson
  • Mt Irvine
  • Bilpin
  • Blaxland
  • Katoomba

How will Precision Pest Control protect homes from extreme termite damage in the Blue Mountains?

Each home is unique – the experts here at Precision Pest Control modify each treatment plan to suit every home!

We apply our four-step termite control plan to any job, consisting of:

  1. A full termite inspection and recommended treatment plan.
  2. Elimination of termites currently attacking your home.
  3. A long-term termite protection plan.
  4. Follow-up inspection with a full report to ensure the termite problem has been eradicated.

For further information on how we rid your home of termites visit: