Mosquito control

Why do I need fly control?

In Australia there are more than 300 mosquito species – some that bite and are just a general nuisance, and some that carry diseases. Interestingly, only female mosquitoes leave those itchy, irritating bites and they need our blood to reproduce.

Signs of an infestation

A mosquito infestation is obvious. You get those annoying, buzzing noises of the mozzies flying around you and, of course, lots of mozzies means lots of bites. An early indication of a mosquito infestation is seeing lots of ‘wrigglers’ in pools or other standing water around your property.

Mosquito season

The main mosquito season is during the warmer months, with invasion more likely after heavy rain. However, in tropical areas mosquitoes can be an issue all year round.

Mosquito prevention tips:

  • Eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds by removing standing water, such as ponds, plant pots, drains and blocked gutters.
  • Install fly screens on all windows and doors into your home.
  • When outside wear clothing that covers arms and legs, which will reduce mozzie bites.
  • Use personal insect repellent.

Mosquito inspection and control

A qualified Precision Pest Control technician will examine your home or commercial property for any conditions favourable to mosquito breeding. These favourable conditions include those listed above, such as potted plants, water features, water-collecting plants, pools and rainwater storage; we also check window screens and vents. 

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How can Precision Pest Control solve my mosquito problem?

Our experienced team of professionals at Precision Pest Control has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the habits and different species of mosquito, as well as the methods of treatment used in mosquito control, and we use only the most effective and environmentally friendly forms of treatment.

Our mosquito control treatment plan consists of:

  1. A professional inspection, carried out to assess the extent of the problem and identify the species of mosquito, as well as all potential sources, immediately reporting back to you about the severity of the infestation.
  2. A treatment plan recommendation tailored specifically to your home, taking into account the species of mosquito and the extent of the infestation. Treatments vary depending on the species of mosquito.
  3. The recommended treatment will be carried out by one of our highly experienced pest professionals.

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