End-of-lease pest control – for tenants

Your lease is up and you’re moving to a new home. Do you know what your obligations are for end-of-lease pest control?

The Residential Tenancies Act 1997 states: The tenant must take reasonable care of the premises and keep the premises reasonably clean.

Precision Pest Control will ensure the property is pest-free for the next tenants so you can get your bond back.

Who is responsible – landlords or tenants?

The ultimate question.

Responsibility for end-of-lease pest control often lies with the tenants, particularly if you have pet animals, as fleas are one of the most common pests.

It is a legal requirement that tenants with pets must have an end-of-lease flea treatment regardless if the pets have fleas or not.

You will need to read carefully your rental agreement, which should outline the details about the end-of-lease pest treatment required.

Why you need end-of-lease flea treatment

The end of lease flea treatment is a legal requirement in Sydney and some other jurisdictions.

As the tenant, your pets make you responsible for flea treatment, regardless if your furry friends have had fleas or not.

It is important to understand that flea eggs can lie dormant for months and only hatch when they feel vibrations, which can be caused by new tenants moving in.

In order to get your bond back, some real estate agencies may even request a certificate as evidence that an end-of-lease flea treatment was conducted by certified technicians.

Precision Pest Control can offer you affordable and effective flea treatment as well as issue you with a certificate.

Why you need end-of-lease full pest control

Usually, only a flea treatment will be required but, in some instances, a Full Pest Control treatment needs to be conducted to knock down other pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders and so on. Read your tenancy agreement carefully.

It is recommended that all rental properties have a pest control treatment at the end of a lease to ensure the property is pest-free for new incoming tenants. Just like you, the next tenants want a clean and pest-free home.

As our name suggests, at Precision Pest Control we offer precision and attention to detail to make sure no creepy crawlies remain after you vacate your rental property, meaning you will get your bond back.

It is a common courtesy to leave the property as you found it – clean and free of any pests.

When is the best time for an end-of-lease pest control treatment?

The best time for an end-of-lease pest control treatment is after you have moved out and the property has been thoroughly cleaned.

Whether you personally clean the property or employ professionals, a pest control treatment is most effective after a deep clean to ensure any treatment product is not washed away and wasted.

What you need to do

To best prepare for Precision Pest Control to come to your property, use the helpful checklist below:

  • Clean the property at least one day beforehand.
  • Ensure all belongings have been moved out.
  • Ensure the property is accessible.

If furniture remains in the property, ensure there is no clutter. This greatly helps our technicians. You are not required to be at the property during the treatment process. Key pick-up and return can be arranged with yourself or your real estate agent.

What we do

Precision Pest Control will provide you with the most effective end-of-lease pest control as well as certification:

  • Full site inspection to tailor the treatment accordingly.
  • Safe chemicals – family, pet and environment-friendly pest control.
  • Fast, simple and affordable.
  • Issue certification you can provide to your real estate agent.

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