Granitgard Termite Solutions

Every year, throughout the areas we cover – the Sydney region, Canberra, Newcastle and the Central Coast of NSW, as well as the Sunshine Coast down to Brisbane in Queensland – termites cause millions of dollars worth of damage to homes and commercial properties. Every new home built in these areas is required by law to have some sort of subterranean termite protection installed in the home to minimise the risk of termite entry.

Granitgard is one method of protecting your home against subterranean termite entry by providing a physical barrier between the ground and the cellulose material in your home.

How does Granitgard protect my home?

The Granitgard system provides a physical barrier between the termites and your home at specific entry points. This means that at any penetrations through the concrete slab and around the perimeter of your home, you are protected against termite entry by the Granitgard system.

It forces the termites to enter your home via external means, meaning that a pest control professional will be able to pick up the evidence of termite activity during an inspection.

Granitgard Termite Barrier Sydney Canberra Newcastle

What is Granitgard termite barrier?

Granitgard is a specially designed, environmentally friendly termite protection system. It consists of many specifically sized and weighted granite pieces that are too large for the termites to remove, but are small enough that the termites are unable to penetrate up through the granite barrier.

The system does not require replenishment or repair of any kind, unless it has been disturbed by further renovations or work done to the home. The barrier system is flexible, meaning that it can expand and contract with the movement of your home.