Termite Treatment

Termite treatment

Have you discovered active termites on your property? The first step to an effective termite treatment is getting a termite inspection. A pest inspection is used to determine the most effective termite treatment option.

It is imperative at first signs of termites or termite activity that you contact a pest control professional. This will reduce the risks of further damage and save you hundreds/thousands of dollars in destruction (how common are Termites in Australia – percentage of people who have termite issues but don’t know it – the damage it causes).

No matter if you are located on the Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle or the Sunshine Coast. We cover all areas from “personalisation of area” to “insert another area here”. We can provide you with the most effective and efficient termite treatment possible.

Every house, location and termite infestation is different, we treat the problem differently. We have a variety of treatment methods and technology to suit every problem. Through our extensive experience we can determine the best solution, be it termite monitors and baits or chemical treatments. To give you an idea of how these treatments work, they are explained in more detail below.

Our termite treatment options

Termite baiting and monitoring

Monitoring and baiting stations are a highly effective non-chemical termite treatment. A monitoring zone is for detecting the presence of termites rather than immediate treatment.

Monitors and baits are low impact, and don’t require any chemical spraying or drilling.

First the termite bait systems are placed into the ground to eliminate the termites currently on your property. The monitoring stations will alert us about any new termite attacks

Watch the below video for more detail and to see this process in action. (white board friday style) - do this for each of the treatments to explain it

There are certainly more advantages than disadvantages to the monitoring and baiting treatments.

Whilst monitoring and baiting can be more time consuming and does require regular inspection it is highly effective treatment option but does require regular inspections. However, it is an easy system to add or modify, giving flexibility. You can also see the system in use, giving that peace of mind.

Termite chemical barrier

A highly effective liquid chemical like Bayer’s Premise 200 SC is used to treat around the perimeter and other termite entry points located in your home to provide an effective and reliable zone that will expose the termites’ attempt to enter your home.

The termite chemical barrier consists of long-life chemicals that are placed in the soil or under the slab surrounding your home and act as a repellent or contact poison to termites to prevent them from entering your home.

1. Apply the chemical to create the treated zones:
  • Digging trenches around the perimeter of the structure and around the other contact points including supports, piers and plumbing.
  • Carefully drilling into the concrete slab areas that adjoin the buildings perimeter, e.g. pathways.
  • In some cases a termite chemical reticulation system may be installed so chemical can be reapplied if necessary.

2. We recommend that our customers at the very least get annual termite inspections.

The termite chemical barrier treatment is performed in three stages:
  • Eliminate the termites currently inside your home, through dusting or foaming treatments.
  • Trench around the outside of your home and drill down through any outside footing to inject the chemical into the soil surrounding your home.
  • Annual inspections.

While the termite colony is not eliminated, it is unable to re-enter your home due to the chemical barrier.

Talk about which chemicals are used and how they are safe etc….

  • How long does termite treatment take?
    What type of termite treatment is best?

This is not a simple answer. The type of termite treatment should be decided by accessing your situation.

  • How long do termites swarm after treatment?
    Is termite treatment safe?
    Is termite treatment safe for pets?
    What do you recommend for future termite protection?

There are several things you can do to prevent termites visiting your home. Here are a few easy prevention actions you can take. To learn more, visit our termite prevention page.

  • Use pine needles or pebbles instead of mulch. Termites prefer to munch on mulch.
  • Subterranean termites also like moisture. Keep moisture away from your home.

It is much easier to prevent termites in houses that are yet to be built.

Why people use us for their termite treatment

Discretion, quality and  are key in our services.

We understand that you would rather not be reminded of your termite problem, even after it’s taken care of. Our termite treatments are discrete. We pride ourselves on meeting the requirements of the Australian Standard (As4349.3 and AS3660.2) which means you can have your termite treatment performed with piece of mind that Precision Pest Control are upholding the top standards.

targeted treatment

Our termite treatments are discrete 

Part of our job as pest control professionals is to be discrete, and we fully know that. We fill up and drill holes with resin or sealant and colour match it to the material we have drilled. We leave as little evidence behind as possible to show that we have conducted a termite treatment.

We provide the highest quality termite services

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest quality termite control services, and if you are not satisfied with the results, we promise to come back and do everything that we can to ensure that your home is protected from termites, and that you are 100% satisfied with the result.

We develop treatment plans suited to your needs

We understand that it is an inconvenience to have to conduct a termite treatment on your home, and we will ensure that we work to your schedule so that your everyday activities remain uninterrupted.

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to protecting your home from termites. That’s why we collaborate with you to develop a tailored treatment plan for your home.

We provide fully documented termite reports

Our clients are an important part of all our treatment plans and we want to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision, as such we will keep you informed every step of the way.