Termite control on the Sunshine Coast

Do termites cause damage?

One of the most feared lines a homeowner NEVER wants to hear from a pest technician is … You’ve Got Termites!

That’s right, Termites! Although these pests (sometimes misnamed as white ants) are small, don’t let them fool you as the little critters can cause extensive damage to homes, with figures estimated at up to $900 million worth of damage to Australian homes annually. The CSIRO has identified that one in three homes located in high-risk areas is susceptible to termite attacks.

Why is termite control important on the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast and its surrounding subregions like Caloundra, Coolum, Nambour, Buderim, Kawana and Maroochydore are ideal locations for termite activity. The Sunshine Coast and its subregions are located in areas that have warm and humid weather, which makes for an ideal environment that is highly conducive to termite activity.

Termites are resilient survivors and are the types of pest that like to forage for their food away from their nests. This means that the homes we build are perfect targets as they add to the already favourable environment for termites. And these conditions mean that the termites are active all year round.

Termites in the Sunshine Coast area

There are more than 350 different types of termite species in Australia but the most common termites found in and around the Sunshine Coast and its neighbouring regions are listed in the table below.

Termite hazard map

Reference from CSIRO

Types of termite and level of risk on the Sunshine Coast

Termites – major risk Termites – minor risk
Coptotermes acinaciformis, subterranean termite Nasutitermes walkeri
Coptotermes frenchi, C. lacteus Microerotermes
Cryptotermes brevis, West Indian drywood termite Heterotermes
Schedorhinotermes intermedius  

Why trust Precision Pest Control to protect your home?

We have been protecting our valued customers’ homes from termites for more than 30 years. Throughout this time we have seen many Sunshine Coast homes that have been left untreated and uninspected fall victim to termite attacks.

Termites can enter your home via a network of underground tunnels, which often means that by the time you have discovered termites in your home they have already caused extensive structural damage.

By getting an annual termite inspection from a qualified professional pest technician you ensure someone who cares is looking after your home. Precision Pest Control can identify any termite risks that could arise and will be able to establish a suitable treatment method for that particular issue.

When it comes to protecting your home, Precision Pest Control recommends two main types of treatment methods: a baiting treatment and a chemical barrier treatment.

Termite baiting treatment

  • Preferred method of treatment for termites from Precision Pest Control.
  • Baits strategically placed around your home.
  • Eliminates the entire attacking termite colony.
  • Chemical used only when needed.
  • You can see the system in use.

Read more about monitoring zones

Termite chemical barrier treatment

  • Highly effective liquid chemical used.
  • Exposes termites that attempt to enter your home.
  • Treat zone effective for a number of years after treatment.
  • Treatment will repel termites or kill them.

Read more about chemical treated zones

Our four-step termite control plan

To find out about our unique plan for dealing with termites and termite infestations, our ...

Four-step termite control plan can be found here

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Termites can cause major damage before you know it

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