Quick tips for helping reduce termite risk to your home

Termites require three key elements to survive:

  • food
  • moisture
  • warmth.

Dead tree stump in front yard.

Bushy shrubs growing next to building.

Here is a list of things you can do to help reduce the risk of a termite attack to your most valuable asset, your home.

  1. Remove dead tree stumps and timber debris from your yard.
  2. Don’t let climbing plants or bushy shrubs grow against your home.
  3. Use treated timber as garden beds and in the yard.
  4. Make sure the storm water on your property is secure and connected.
  5. Repair leaking taps and pipes.
  6. Make sure stored timbers are elevated up off the ground.
  7. All vents to sub-floor spaces should never be blocked by the garden.
  8. Divert hot water piping away from the side of the house; this includes air conditioning over-flows.
  9. Ensure the chemical termite barrier installed isn’t damaged or removed by plants or planting.
  10. Ensure physical barriers are visible and not covered, i.e. ant cappings.
  11. For all timber palings and timber attachments to the home you should maintain a 50 mm clearance between the wood and soil below.
  12. Book in an annual timber pest inspection with Precision Pest Control.

Sentricon IG (In-Ground) termite baiting system.

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