Termite chemical barrier

The termite chemical barrier consists of long-life chemicals that are placed in the soil or under the slab surrounding your home and act as a repellent or contact poison to termites to prevent them from entering your home.

The termite chemical barrier treatment is performed in three stages:

  • Eliminate the termites currently inside your home, through dusting or foaming treatments.
  • Trench around the outside of your home and drill down through any outside footing to inject the chemical into the soil surrounding your home.
  • Annual inspections.

While the termite colony is not eliminated, it is unable to re-enter your home due to the chemical barrier.

Stage 1 – The inspection and elimination of termites in your home

After performing an initial inspection to assess the areas of your home that currently have termites, Precision Pest Control will use a dust or foaming treatment to eliminate the current infestation.

Dusting or foaming works by drilling discrete holes through the wall, and into the interior of the walls or ceiling void where the termites are currently attacking the timber. The dust or foam is pumped into the walls where it spreads throughout the termite hot spots, and into the termite tunnels that lead into each area.

Those that come into contact with the poison and are not killed instantly, carry the chemical back and spread it amongst other termites from the colony, effectively eliminating all those termites currently attacking your home.

Stage 2 – Lay down a chemical barrier around your home

The second stage of a chemical termite treatment involves laying down a chemical barrier that binds to the soil around the outside of your home. This ensures that any termites that were not eliminated in stage one of the treatment, will be unable to re-enter your home and will search elsewhere for food.

Trenching around your home

The chemical barrier is installed by trenching the soil down to the concrete slab around the outside of your home, treating the trench and the soil with a long-life chemical, and then refilling the trench with the treated soil.

Drilling to access soil beneath paving

Where we are unable to trench because of paving or concrete footing, we will use a special drill and pump system where we drill through the footing into the soil beneath, and then pump the chemical into the soil underneath the footing. This ensures that the entire perimeter of your home is protected from termite attacks.

Stage 3 – Annual inspections

We recommend that our customers at the very least get annual termite inspections.

For further information on how we will rid your home of termites, visit:

Trenching for a chemical barrier

Trenching for a chemical barrier

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