Termite baiting and monitoring

Baiting and monitoring systems are a highly effective non-chemical termite treatment that are low impact, and don’t require any chemical spraying or drilling.

The baiting and monitoring system works in two stages:

  • Using termite bait to eliminate the termites currently attacking your home.
  • Installing monitoring systems to alert a pest control professional about any new termite attacks on the home.

Stage 1 – The inspection and installation of baiting stations

After performing an initial inspection to assess the areas of your home that currently have termites, a Precision Pest Control professional will strategically place baiting stations in the termite hot spots.

These baiting stations are designed to be unobtrusive, and sit directly in the feeding path of the termites, allowing them to easily access the termite bait inside. Termites typically take the path of least resistance when it comes to finding food, and once they have discovered the termite bait, will focus all their feeding efforts on the bait and stop causing damage to your home.

The termites then take the bait back to the nest, and over the course of a couple of months, the entire colony is eliminated.

Stage 2 – Installation of termite monitoring stations

The second stage of the process is installing specially designed termite monitoring stations that are placed in the ground around your home. These stations have sheets of wood inside of them, and intercept any termites foraging in the area before they reach your home.

Follow-up inspection

It is very important to have follow-up inspections, as often a new termite colony can move in to occupy the nest of the colony that has just been eliminated. If termites are discovered in the monitoring station during one of our follow-up inspections, the wood will be replaced with termite bait, meaning that the new colony will be eliminated before it reaches your home.

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