Eliminating cockroaches in a domestic kitchen Gosford NSW

9/17/2018 See comments (0) by: Peter Sakley

Appliances in a domestic kitchen rarely get moved out of their spots to clean the area behind and underneath. During a treatment our technician has moved the stove out off the wall to realise that there was a substantial build up of grease, dirt and food scraps behind and underneath the appliance. This is an ideal area for cockroaches as it has the three things they look for being food, warmth and water not too far away. Our customer mentioned that it had been years since they had cleaned behind or underneath the unit.

This is common issue when we do inspections for the first time on a new customer, as it is generally something they don't think about as it is out of sight out of mind. We drew up a tailored treatment plan for our new customer something that we do for all our customers. This involves a report and follow-up of the home to ensure the treatment has been effective. We also add with this is to discuss with our customer some quick tips to keeping the cockroaches from returning this is an added bonus and something we feel is our duty to inform you, this helps create an effective Integrated Pest Management Plan.

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