Cockroach activity located in a kitchen of a family home in Campbelltown NSW

9/13/2018 See comments (0) by: Peter Sakley

Cockroaches are thigmotactic pests that like to frequent areas and spaces that are sometimes over looked when doing a clean up. In this particular job our technician conducted a routine inspection of a home and found that in their back room they had a set of cupboards that were hardly used, this meant the doors weren't opened regularly. Our technician has pulled the doors back and noticed that there is serious signs of frequent cockroach activity, especially located in the tight hard to reach areas. You can see in the image that the cupboard hinges are one of the hotspots for this area, these types of areas are ideal for a cockroach as they allow them to feel safe and secure with all of their sides touching walls, generally giving them one way entry and exit to worry about.

Each cockroach infestation is different from the last, making every treatment unique to that job and issue. This is why we have created our unique three-step pest control plan that allows us to tailor a treatment specific to each individual job. With this process we brought the cockroach infestation under control and were able to rid the property located in Campbelltown NSW of the pests. 

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