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Detecting Termites Before they Attack with an In-Ground Baiting System

8/14/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Recently Precision Pest Control received a call from a person who had recently bought a home who booked us to come out and conduct an inspection of the property. During the inspection our technician notified the homeowner that he was unsure if the...

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Getting a helping hand from the locals

8/15/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Our technician was called out to a home in Glenbrook NSW to conduct a pest inspection, during the inspection our technician returned to his vehicle to find that some of the locals had decided to chip in and give him a hand. Here at Precision Pest...

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Hidden Termite Activity Causing Extensive Damage

8/17/2018 by: Peter Sakley

During  an inspection of  this property in Sydney's Western Suburbs our technician located signs of termite activity on the outside of the building. He started to conducted a more invasive inspection which required the removal of a skirting board ...

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Adding a Termite sealant to existing building

8/22/2018 by: Peter Sakley

During a recent renovation of a property in Sydney's South Coast we were called in to seal the existing structure that required work to be completed on. In this case we weren't able to use a Kordon termite barrier and instead opted for a sealant a...

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Active termites bridging the termite barrier

8/23/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Our technician arrived at a home in Wyong NSW to conduct our first ever inspection of this property. During the inspection our technician has located signs of termite activity, working his way along the outside perimeter he has uncovered a termite...

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Extreme cockroach infestation Sydney CBD

8/24/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control were called into a home in Sydney’s CBD due to there being an extreme infestation of cockroaches within a home located in a complex. The initial entry to the home showed a high amount of cockroach activity just near the door...

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Recent installation of Kordon termite barrier to an extension

8/28/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Kordon was installed to this properties home extension due to areas of the home being susceptible to termite attacks. As you can see Kordon has been laid around the base of the area that concrete is going to be poured. The Kordon stops the termite...

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Kordon termite barrier installation Cheero Point NSW

8/30/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Recently we  were contacted  by a homeowner through our Get A Quote service we offer on our website. The homeowner was unsure what type of termite barrier or system to install to their new build. We recommended that we come out and  conduct an...

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