Termite Infestation Located in Penrith

7/18/2018 See comments (0) by: Peter Sakley

Our technician was conducting a routine inspection on the property in Penrith NSW. During the inspection there was signs of termite activity around the base of the home, after further inspection our technician located a large termite nest in an old tree stump in the front garden. As you can see there is termite activity throughout the area with some substantial damage to the tree stump. Our technician informed the homeowner of the activity and the steps needed to be taken to bring the infestation under control. Luckily enough we located the infestation early which enabled us to prevent any serious damage to the structure of the home from happening. Our technician implemented Our Four Step Termite Control Plan which consisted of developing a long-term termite protection strategy for the home, he will be back to conduct a full report and follow-up inspection to assess the activity of the termites.

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