Active Termites in Cooranbong NSW

7/26/2018 See comments (0) by: Peter Sakley

Here at Precision Pest Control we recommend to all of our clients that they should be getting an annual timber pest inspection to ensure that termites aren't gaining entry to their property. Termites can gain access to the property through areas that aren't easily seen with a quick glance. Our technician was called out to a home in Cooranbong NSW to conduct an inspection of the property, the home owner notified us that the property hasn't been inspected since purchasing it. During the inspection our technician located small signs of termites underneath the home, he followed the trail which led up towards wiring connected to a power point in the kitchen. Our technician with the help of an electrician removed the power point and discovered Coptotermis mud filled the back of the power point. Not only is this a threat to the home structurally, it also poses a fire hazard due to the area of the nest. Our technician informed the homeowner of the discovery of termites, explained the process he was about to implement and carried out a treatment of the home. Our technician will be back to check the treated areas and assess the next step to successfully getting rid of the infestation.Find out more about our techniques or book an inspection today, visit:



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