Kordon Termite Barrier Installation Mosman

7/17/2018 See comments (0) by: Peter Sakley

The Kordon termite barrier is a thin orange laminate that is installed to the home during pre-construction of the build. In this case the construction isn't a new build, instead it is an extension of the existing building in the suburb of Mosman NSW. The Kordon termite barrier is ideal for these situations and is Precision Pest Controls go to for termite barriers. The barrier is designed to expel the termites from underneath the home to the outside perimeter making it easily identifiable during one of our timber pest inspections of the property. Our technicians are regularly installing the barrier to homes throughout Sydney, Canberra and the East coast of Australia. It is a highly sort after barrier as there are no harmful chemicals sprayed or injected into or around the the home, making it ideal for families with young children.

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