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Hiding Red Back Spider

5/10/2018 by: Peter Sakley

During a recent inspection of a property in Frenchs Forest NSW, our technician went to inspect the rodnt bait stations on the property and change them out when he found a red back spider that had formed a nest inside the rodent bait station. This...

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Bed Bug infestation Sydney

5/11/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Our customer who is located in the Sydney region called up to get a general pest inspection of their property, during the inspection the technician started to inspect one of the bedrooms in the house and noticed some signs of bed bugs. A more...

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Termite Nest Mosman

5/15/2018 by: Peter Sakley

After completing an inspection on a property in the  Mosman  NSW area our technician has located an active termite nest on a lamp-post in the street. Whilst this is not directly connected to the home it raises great risk to potential future termit...

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German Cockroach Infestation

5/17/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Our technician  was called  into a home in  Cronulla  NSW as the homeowner mentioned their small cockroach problem had gotten out of hand and they were struggling to  maintain  the problem . When our technician entered the home he immediately...

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House Riddled with Termite Damage

5/23/2018 by: Peter Sakley

A recent inspection of a property in  Narara  on the Central Coast of NSW our technician found evidence of termite damage along the skirting board of one of the hallways. A further inspection  was conducted  and termite activity was found in a roo...

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Mud Wasp Nest Canberra

5/24/2018 by: Peter Sakley

This mud wasp nest  was located  on the side of a house in Canberra ACT. The wasp nest  is located  in a secluded area of the home that isn't often used, this has allowed the wasps to build a sizeable nest away from harms way. Generally mud wasps...

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German Cockroach Infestation Western Sydney

5/25/2018 by: Peter Sakley

The picture above shows a job we conducted in Sydney's Western Suburbs where we  were called  in as the homeowner was complaining about cockroaches. Upon inspection our technician has noticed telltale signs of German cockroach activity in the...

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Termite Damage Inner West Sydney

5/28/2018 by: Peter Sakley

A regular termite inspection can help prevent termite entry to your home by identifying termite activity in areas that aren't visible everyday. The homeowner of this property hadn't ever  conducted an inspection . Our technician noticed telltale...

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