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Kordon Termite Barrier Canley Vale

2/12/2018 by: Peter Sakley

A Kordon termite barrier has been installed to the penetrations of a new build in Canley Vale NSW. The Kordon product is installed around the penetration before the concrete slab is poured, this acts like a collar to prevent termites from attackin...

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Cockroach Infestation Wyong

2/13/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control have recently been conducting regular inspections and treatments for cockroaches in homes throughout the Wyong area. Pictured here is a cockroach baiting system that has helped to dramatically reduce the cockroach infestatio...

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Ant Infestation Treatment Hornsby

2/14/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Ants can become a major problem quickly if not treated. A lot of Ants found around your home  can be  attracted to sweet sugary substances found in your pantry. They can then infest your home and  wall cavities and sometimes have multiple nests...

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Rodent Infestation Camperdown

2/21/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Unfortunately rodents know no boundaries and are easily attracted to the inside of your home due to food sources. They can gain access through gaps as small as your pinky finger and thumb. Precision Pest Control were called into tackle a rodent...

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Termite Protection Canley Vale

2/22/2018 by: Peter Sakley

' Kordon   is installed  during the first phase of  the construction of  a building. The thin orange laminate known as  Kordon ,  is fitted  around the penetrations before the concrete  is poured  and then around the perimeter of the slab, this...

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Rodent Control Canberra

2/23/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Recently our technicians have conducted  many treatments for Rodent infestations in Canberra ACT, especially in the suburb of  Kaleen . Pictured above is rodent wax bait blocks that have been strategically placed in the roof void of the home. Here...

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Treatment of cockroaches Maroubra

2/26/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Recently one of our technicians conducted a treatment on a property in Maroubra, where the home owner was complaining of a cockroach problem. Our technician implemented Our Three Step Control Plan to tackle the cockroach infestation, our control...

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