Red-Bellied Black Snake Central Coast NSW

10/18/2018 See comments (0) by: Peter Sakley

With the season changing and the weather starting to warm up this is an ideal time for certain pests, animals and reptiles, such as snakes to come out of hibernation from the winter months. Australia has around 140 species of land snakes and a range of different sea snake species, pictured here is a Red-bellied black snake and is extremely venomous. During the inspection on a property in the Central Coast NSW this guy was seen lying on the grass at the back of the property that backs onto a national park. Our technician has notified the homeowner and suggested they get in touch with a snake catcher and ask them to come a remove the snake from the backyard and relocate it back in the national park. The red-bellied black snake is not considered very aggressive and will most likely try to escape if given the opportunity, if provoked though they can become aggressive and will start to hiss as a threat display. 

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