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Satisfied customers feedback on our services North Turramurra NSW

10/8/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Here at Precision Pest Control we pride ourselves on giving the best quality service with every single job we conduct. Recently one of our technicians did an annual pest inspection on a property in North Turramurra NSW, this involved using our...

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Red-Bellied Black Snake Central Coast NSW

10/18/2018 by: Peter Sakley

With the season changing and the weather starting to warm up this is an ideal time for certain pests, animals and reptiles, such as snakes to come out of hibernation from the winter months. Australia has around 140 species of land snakes and a ran...

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Installation of a termite protection barrier to a home in Newcastle NSW

10/18/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Kordon is a thin orange laminate that is installed preconstruction as a termite barrier on any new home build, renovation or extension.  Termites are highly destructive and can cause widespread and extensive damage to your most valuable asset...

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Active Termites in the Mangrove Mountain NSW

10/22/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Termite damage can go unnoticed and undetected until it is too late with the cost of the termite damage leading into the tens of thousands. Here at Precision Pest Control we conduct an annual termite inspection for all of our clients and recommend...

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Possum Caught in North Shore Sydney NSW

10/23/2018 by: Peter Sakley

The weather is warming up and the seasons are changing, this means that you will start to see more and more animals and pests about. This furry little friend was caught inside a homeowner’s garage located in the back end of the backyard. Whilst...

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Rodent Activity in Waterloo NSW

10/26/2018 by: Peter Sakley

During a routine inspection in Waterloo NSW our technician located signs of rodent activity along the footpath of the main street. This particular area was located adjacent to a large amount of waste build-up in an alleyway. The waste build-up is ...

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