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Kordon installation Burradoo

7/4/2017 by: Peter Sakley

Pictured here is a Kordon perimetre installation on a property at Osbourne Rd, Burradoo that Precision Pest Control has completed. Kordon is a termite protection barrier made of a thin orange laminate that helps prevent termite attacks on your...

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Ant problem

7/5/2017 by: Peter Sakley

Our technician went out to a home that had located an ant infestation in her property. Ants often make their nests outside, however they can just as easily create their nests indoors. Often they make their nests in quiet areas or in the walls wher...

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Kordon installation in Bellevue Hill

7/10/2017 by: Peter Sakley

Recently Precision Pest Control have been called out to install Kordon on a Pre-Slab construction site on Kambala Rd, Bellevue Hill. Kordon was successfully installed on the site to prevent termites from gaining access to the property. To find out...

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Kordon installation Woolahra

7/18/2017 by: Peter Sakley

Recently Precision Pest Control were called in to do an installation of Kordon at a job on Wellington Street, Woolahra. Kordon is installed around the pipes to prevent any access to the home through protruding pipes.  Find out how Precision Pest...

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Roach problem in Wyong

7/24/2017 by: Peter Sakley

Recently Precision Pest Control treated a home in Wyong for a pest problem. Upon entering the home it was clear to the technician that it was a cockroach infestation. The technician immediately started to carry out Our Three Step Pest Control Plan...

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Kordon installation in Penrith

7/24/2017 by: Peter Sakley

The above image shows an installation of Kordon on a pre-slab property at Arakoon Pl, Penrith that Precision Pest Control completed recently. Kordon is a termite barrier installed underneath you home to protect it from termite attacks. For more...

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Possum caught in Narrabundah

7/25/2017 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control caught a possum on a property at  Narrabundah  ACT. Our technicians implemented Our Three Step Pest Control Plan which consists of a full inspection, a recommended treatment and a report and follow-up. This resulted in the...

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Baiting station in Macquarie

7/26/2017 by: Peter Sakley

Pictured here one of our technicians is checking a baiting station at a home in Macquarie ACT. The baiting station will show whether there is termite activity on the property. For more information about termite baiting, visit: Our Four Step Termit...

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