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Kordon Installation Mascot

11/9/2017 by: Peter Sakley

Picture here is an installation of a Kordon termite barrier to a property in Mascot, NSW. Kordon is a pre-construction termite barrier that is installed around the perimeter of the home structure or edge of the slab to prevent termites from gainin...

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Termite Infestation Toukley

11/13/2017 by: Peter Sakley

Recently Precision Pest Control were conducting an inspection of a property in Toukley NSW. Whilst checking the outer area of the property our technician has located termite damage in the fence surrounding the home. If left untreated the colony of...

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Northbridge Termite Barrier Installation

11/28/2017 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control conducts regular installations of termite barriers on new builds and extensions. Pictured here is the start to an installation of a Kordon termite barrier to the protruding piping on an extension at Northbridge in Sydney NSW...

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Bird spike installation

11/29/2017 by: Peter Sakley

Birds can become pests that damage your property and belongings. Precision Pest Control recently installed bird spikes to a home in Blackbutt to deter the bird infestation from nesting on the property. Find out how we can help bring a pest...

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