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Rodent infestation in Newington, Sydney

7/20/2016 by: Peter Sakley

We recently visited a house in Kuts Ave, Newington in Sydney and discovered a severe rodent infestation. We placed temporary cardboard rodent stations on 1 st July and returned 10 days later to discover rat droppings, moth larvae and ants still...

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Large termite nest located in Canberra

7/22/2016 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control in Canberra recently discovered a large termite nest in Forbes St. Termites can cause extensive external and internal damage to properties and as such, we implemented baiting systems to stop the termites from causing any...

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Cockroaches found living in power points in Maroubra

7/24/2016 by: Peter Sakley

We recently visited a unit in Marine Parade, Maroubra and discovered evidence of cockroaches living in power points within the apartment. We collaborated with the homeowner to develop a tailored treatment plan for the property, taking into...

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Termite protection barrier installed

7/26/2016 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest control recently installed a termite protection barrier along the perimeter of the concrete slab while a home was being constructed. This was added to an extension of the property to ensure that termites would not be able to enter t...

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Possums found in ceiling of Mosman house

7/27/2016 by: Peter Sakley

On a recent home inspection on Military Rd, Mosman, Precision Pest Control discovered evidence of Brush Tail Possum droppings and urine staining in the ceiling where possums are known to nest due to its warmth and darkness. We proceeded to seal of...

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Termite damage to property in Botany

7/27/2016 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control visited a property in Brighton St, Botany to perform a timber pest inspection and quickly discovered structural damage from termites. Termites had eaten through the main bearer in the subfloor, causing the flooring to sag....

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Rabbit burrows discovered in Canberra

7/28/2016 by: Peter Sakley

We recently discovered ferrel rabbit burrows located at Northbourne Ave, Dickson in Canberra. Ferrel rabbits can be pests as they cause damage to property grounds and structures. After the first inspection of the property, we set a series of traps...

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Termite damage in Mannering Park

7/29/2016 by: Peter Sakley

We recently discovered severe termite damage in a properties garage at Spencer Rd, Mannering Park. Due to the extent of the damage, we developed a tailored plan to fit the property and to remove all traces of termites. We completed a full report a...

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