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Kordon installed in Kyle Bay

12/2/2016 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control recently installed a pre-construction Kordon termite barrier to a property on Riverview Ave in Kyle Bay. We added the Kordon barrier to penetration points, such as around potruding pipes below the concrete slab. The property...

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Large Kordon construction at Whale Beach

12/4/2016 by: Peter Sakley

During a large construction of a property in Whale Beach on Whale Beach Rd, Precision Pest Control installed a Kordon termite protection barrier around penetrating pipes. Kordon creates a layer between the ground and the inside of a property, acti...

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Termites located in sites at Kambah

12/6/2016 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control recently installed a termite baiting and monitoring system to a property in Kambah in Canberra. The baiting stations were installed unobtrusivly to sit in the feeding path of the termites, stopping them before they reach the...

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Termite evidence in Bexley

12/8/2016 by: Peter Sakley

On a recent pest inspection on Seaforth St in Bexley, we noticed extensive evidence of termite damage to the property. There were loose pieces of timber underneath the house with termites in it, as well as very light/hollow pieces of timber under...

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Ant and termite infestations in Turramurra

12/10/2016 by: Peter Sakley

On a recent pest inspection, Precision Pest Control discovered extensive termite damage and a large ants nest to a home in Turramurra. The termites had begun to eat away at the wood and structure of the home, causing severe damage to parts of the...

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Active termite bait station in Cronulla

12/14/2016 by: Peter Sakley

After discovering evidence of active termites on a property in Cronulla, Precision Pest Control implemented a baiting and monitoring system to ensure long-term removal of these pests. We installed baiting stations in suitable locations around the...

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Termite damage in Canberra

12/16/2016 by: Peter Sakley

On an inspection recently, we found a large amount of copotermes termite damage to landscaping timbers, fencelines and internal framework on a property in Canberra. Termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to houses internal...

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Termites in subfloor at Jannali

12/18/2016 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control, upon a recent inspection found termites living and destroying the subfloor of a property in Jannali, Sydney. Termites eat away at the structure of properties causing extensive damage and costing home owners large amounts of...

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