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Termites in North Shore Home

1/21/2015 by: Peter Sakley

We visited this North Shore home for an annual termite inspection, only to inspect the sub floor region of the home and find evidence of termite activity. There was significant mudding leading up from the ground, to the exposed timbers of the...

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Termite Treatment in Lane Cove

1/22/2015 by: Peter Sakley

We recently performed a termite treatment in Lane Cove, Sydney, where the termites had created a nest in an old dead tree stump on the perimiter of the property. We proceeded to install baiting stations on and around the infestation, as well as se...

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Termites in Palm Beach Property

1/23/2015 by: Peter Sakley

We were called into this Palm Beach home in Sydney to perform a termite treatment, as the homeowners had discovered evidence of termites in the kitchen area. We performed a full inspection of the premises and discovered mudding in the sub floor ar...

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Termites in Longueville home

1/25/2015 by: Peter Sakley

We recently performed an inspection of a home in Longueville, Sydney an discovered active termites in the basement. Unfortunately the termites had remained undiscovered for some time, allowing them to cause significant structural damage to the...

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Rodent control in St Ives

1/28/2015 by: Peter Sakley

While performing a rodent inspection on a home in St Ives in Sydney, we found evidence of rodent activity in and around the garage. We could not see any direct damage caused by the rodents which led us to believe that they had not yet fully...

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Termites in Clovelly Home

1/30/2015 by: Peter Sakley

We recently visited a home in Clovelly that had previously experienced a termite infestation. We had installed baiting stations around the home and managed to completely eradicate the infestation within a couple of months. Our follow up inspection...

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Termite Damage in Matraville house

1/31/2015 by: Peter Sakley

We recently inspected a home in Matraville for termite activity, and found signs of an extensive infestation in the living room wall. Unfortunately much of the damage had already been done and we were unable to save much of the timber. This...

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