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Commercial Cockroach Control in Mosman

9/3/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control were called into a business property in Mosman to perform a commercial cockroach control inspection and treatment. We initiated the treatment process by performing an inspection of the premisis to identify those areas which...

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Rodent Treatment in Consulars House

9/25/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control recenly performed a rodent treatment at a Consulars house in the ACT. We performed an inspection on the exterior of the home and discovered signs of rodent activity, namely grease stains along the sides of the walls where...

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Inspecting for termites in Darling Point

9/26/2014 by: Peter Sakley

We recently performed an inspection on a property in Darling Point, which had previously been attacked by termites. Occasionally when the initial termite colony is eliminated, a new termite colony can move in to occupy the space as the termite...

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Feral Cat Control in Sutherland

9/27/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Part of controlling pests in Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle involves not just bugs, but feral animals like cats, and foxes as well. Precision Pest Control recently performed some feral cat control in Sutherland, on a property that was having some...

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Termite Damage in Darling Point home

9/28/2014 by: Peter Sakley

After inspecting a Darling Point home for evidence of termites, Precision Pest Control discovered extensive damage to the supporting beams in the wall of a home in Darling Point. We recommended a baiting and monitoring treatment as the best method...

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Termite sealant on cracks in Morisset home

9/29/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Part of an effective termite treatment plan involves not only eliminating the termite infestation, but also changing the current environment to ensure that termites do not enter your home via the same entry point. This makes it more difficult for...

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Termite Damage to Timber in Wamberal Beach

9/30/2014 by: Peter Sakley

We inspected a home for termite damage in Wamberal Beach, and discovered damged timbers in the roof that needed to be treated. At some point in the homes lifetime, it had been attacked by termites and had not been effectively repaired. While riddi...

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