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Termite Damage in Avalon

7/24/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control performed an inspection at an Avalon home in Sydney that had previously had termites. When we arrived at the home and carried out our inspection we found extensieve termite damage in the supporting beams in one of the walls....

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Pre Construction Termite Barrier in Summer Hill

7/25/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control performed a pre construction termite treatment on a Summer Hill home in Sydney. We installed the Kordon Termite Barrier over the concrete slab of the home to ensure that termites would not be able to enter the property from...

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Termites in Randwick home

7/26/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control were called in to inspect a home in Randwick, Sydney. We performed our initial inspection and discovered termite mud tracks leading up from beneath the sub floor. This means that the home owners were unaware of the presence ...

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Cockroaches in Mosman home

7/27/2014 by: Peter Sakley

While performing a general pest inspection of a home in Mosman, Sydney, we discovered German Cockroaches living behind a light switch in the living room. As you can see in the picture, the materials they leave behind like egg cases and feacal matt...

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Termite Barrier in Manly

7/29/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control was called into a Manly property to install a termite barrier to reduce the risk of future termite attacks. As there was little soil surrounding the home we were unable to dig trenches to lay down the chemical, so we drilled...

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Termite monitoring stations in Maroubra

7/30/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control visited a home in Maroubra to check on some termite monitoring stations that were previously installed. During a monitoring station inspection, we check each of the monitors for termite activity to ensure that there are no...

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Termite conditions in Northern Beaches home

7/31/2014 by: Peter Sakley

While performing a routine inspection of a Northern Beaches home, a Precision Pest Control professional came across an area of the home that had debris leaning up against the side of the home.  This debris consisted of wood and other cellulose...

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