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Termites in Paddington Subfloor

11/21/2014 by: Peter Sakley

While inspecting a Paddington home in Sydney for termites, we entered the subfloor and discovered mud tracks leading from the ground up into the floor timbers beneath the kitchen.  This is an example of how termites can enter a home without the...

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Termites in Roof in Narrabeen

11/22/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Termites typically need three things in order to survive: Food Moisture Warmth which is why we often see termites entering homes via water pipes, as leaky pipes provide termites with vital moisture which makes entering your home far more attractiv...

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Termite control in Randwick

11/24/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control were called into a home in Randwick, Sydney because a couch had fallen through the floorboards in the living room. Upon inspection there was extensive termite damage discovered to the floor timber beneath the furniture. The...

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Termites in South Coogee Subfloor

11/25/2014 by: Peter Sakley

We recently discovered termites in a South Coogee home in Sydney while performing a routine inspection of the premesis. While inspecting the subfloor region we found evidence of termite activity in the form of mud tracks running along one of the...

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Termite Barrier in Ryde

11/26/2014 by: Peter Sakley

While laying a pre construction termite barrier in Ryde in Sydney, we took a look at the edge of the concrete slab and discovered that it was covered in debris. If this is not cleared prior to brick laying, there may be potential entry point for...

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Live Termites in Castle Hill

11/28/2014 by: Peter Sakley

During a previous inspection of a Castle Hill home in Sydney, we placed some stick boards in the home at strategic point to try and gauge the extend of the pest infestation. The purpose of the sticky boards is to get an idea of how many pests are ...

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Pre Construction Termite Barrier in Bonner

11/29/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Pre constructon termite barrier such as Kordon, are an important part of protecting your home against termite attack. We visited a site in Bonner in the ACT to install a Kordon barrier to ensure that termites could not enter the home via...

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Termites in Sutherland monitoring station

11/30/2014 by: Peter Sakley

While inspecting a home in Sutherland, we had a look inside one of the termite monitoring stations we had previously installed and found live termites attacking the monitoring timbers. We proceeded to remove the timbers  and replace them with...

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