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Termites in Bait Station in Kambah

10/21/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control recently visited a property in Kambah in the ACT where we had previously placed some termite monioring stations. We opened them up to check the monitoring timber inside and found active termites. This is not uncommon, as oft...

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Rodent Infestation in St Ives

10/23/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control recently performed a rodent treatment for an infestation in a St Ives home in Sydney. We found the rodent nest in a compost heap out the back of the home, and proceeded to capture any rodents still residing within the nest. ...

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Termite baiting in Maryland

10/26/2014 by: Peter Sakley

Precision Pest Control were called into a Maryland home in Newcastle to perform a routine inspection of some termite monitoring stations, that had been placed around the property after a previous termite baiting treatment had been carried out.  We...

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Active termites in Sutherland home

10/28/2014 by: Peter Sakley

We recently were called into a home in Sutherland in Sydney because the owners suspected they had uncovered evidence of termite damage in their home. After a full termite inspection of the home and surrounding property, we not only confirmed that...

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Termite Nest in Mosman

10/29/2014 by: Peter Sakley

During a routine inspecion of a home in Mosman, one of our Precision Pest Control technicians found an active termite nest in the back yard of the property. The termites hadn't yet entered the home due to a previous termite protection treatment,...

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Termites near Randwick Home

10/30/2014 by: Peter Sakley

During an inspection of a Randwick home, we discovered an old tree stump out the back of the house that had suffered termite damage in the past, and possibly played at part in attracting termites to the home. It's very important to ensure that the...

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Conditions conducive to a termite attack

10/31/2014 by: Peter Sakley

  While inspecting a home in Manly for termites, we came across an issue we often see when performing termite inspections. It's important to ensure that you don't let the garden bed or plant matter build up against the external walls of your home...

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