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Rodent activity Heatherbrae NSW

6/19/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Rodent activity is a  concerning  issue whether it be at your place of work or your home of residence, it poses a serious threat to anyone in the vicinity as rodents can carry harmful diseases and easily contaminate food for human consumption....

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Cockroach infestation Sydney

6/18/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Cockroaches are  thigmotactic  pests which means they are likely  to be  found hiding in areas where their sides are touching and there is generally only one entrance and exit. During a recent inspection our technician located German Cockroaches i...

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Termite Nest located in the Eastern Suburb Sydney

6/15/2018 by: Peter Sakley

During a Timber Pest inspection of a property in Sydney's Eastern suburbs our technician has located an active termite nest in the backyard along the fence line. Termites build subterranean tunnels that generally go unnoticed unless you are...

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German Cockroach Infestation Sydney

6/13/2018 by: Peter Sakley

Recently one of our technicians conducted an inspection of a property in Sydney's South-West. During the inspection the homeowner complained of noticing alot of German cockroaches throughout the house. Our technician conducted a thorough inspectio...

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Termite Damage Inner West Sydney

5/28/2018 by: Peter Sakley

A regular termite inspection can help prevent termite entry to your home by identifying termite activity in areas that aren't visible everyday. The homeowner of this property hadn't ever  conducted an inspection . Our technician noticed telltale...

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